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A Word from Wallace – Our Manager

Here at The Pitstop, we are all very enthusiastic about the future. Out of what appeared to be a disaster has come an opportunity for rebuilding, restructuring and a change of focus, whilst remaining true to our original objectives: namely, the relief of poverty among people living in or passing through the area of Mole Valley District and the advancement of education by the provision of training in basic skills, life skills and improvement in health and opportunities to help our clients achieve independence within the community.

To achieve this the focus must change to enabling and motivating our clients to recognise and build on their strengths and abilities and working with them to improve areas of their lives where change is possible and desirable. What may seem like a mountain can be conquered by advancing one step at a time and achieving goals which are manageable.

Our clients are helped in this by regular and consistent 1:1 sessions and group work. It’s not all work, everyone needs a break sometime, so we are also planning regular social activities. Since its inception The Pitstop has always been a friendly, open place and I would like this to continue, but within professional boundaries where people can show respect for each other and feel safe.

2014 has been an extremely challenging year for The Pitstop and its clients. Following the floods of Christmas 2013, when we lost the building we occupied for many years, there was a period of uncertainty and, I feel, a certain sense of loss. However, our staff and volunteers have continued to provide whatever service was possible in the circumstances, showing massive dedication to our clients as well as to the aims and objectives of the charity.

There are a lot of challenges ahead, change is never easy, however I feel sure that our Trustees, Staff and Volunteers will rise to these and continue to provide an effective service.

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  1. Richard Langtry

    Thank you Richard (and for the considerable work you have done on our behalf in the past). Our target for the new place is mid December after which there will be lots to do. Volunteers at that time will be much appreciated.

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