Case Studies


James, now in his late thirties, had been coming to The Pitstop off and on for a number of years.  He had a long standing problem with alcohol dependence, recurrent homelessness and had been in trouble with the law many times for theft and other alcohol related offences. 

Relationships were also something he struggled with.  James had tried many times to address his alcohol use and had periods of sobriety, but he always returned to his old destructive behaviour patterns.  He was rough sleeping and finally decided enough was enough. 

The Pitstop was able to offer him 1:1 sessions with our Substance Use Worker, who met with James on a regular basis working on harm reduction and motivation for making changes in his life.  Once James’ alcohol use had been reduced, he was referred to a Christian based working rehab out of the local area. 

Telephone contact with James continued for the next eighteen months.  We are delighted to say that James remained sober and became a Team Leader working with other problem drinkers, as well as managing a shop specialising in furniture reuse.


Jasmine has been coming to The Pitstop regularly for about a year.  Jasmine has had problems with emotional abuse from previous partners and has also suffered with severe depression, isolation and self-harm.

Through counselling and 1:1 sessions with our Client Relations Officer, Jasmine has managed to change her whole life around and has not self-harmed for eight months. 

Her depression has lifted, she now manages to go out with friends and she visits the gym and swims regularly.  Her life has changed for the better and has now signed up for college courses starting in September.

As Jasmine says: “Wallace, Gayle and Alan have been my rocks for the past year and I want to thank them for all the help and support that they have given me.  The Pitstop has helped me to turn my life around and to see a far more positive outlook for the future”.

*Names and photographs have been changed for the protection of our clients’ confidentiality.